I take photographs for fun. I live in Georgia (the state, not the country). I hike. These are some images I've made, both in digital and film (35mm and medium format). I'm working on large format photography along with my digital images. Yes, there are mistakes here. No, I don't care, because the mood an image evokes is far more important to me than technical perfection. These all too brief moments in time are an attempt to represent what I was feeling as I explored the location.
Being an amateur, I make photos for the love of photography. I also take pictures as an excuse to visit places I wouldn't otherwise go, being an extreme introvert who loves the solitude of the great outdoors. I also love developing film because the chemical process strikes me as magical and amazing and it is fun and relaxing. 
Enough about me. I have whiskey to drink and promises to keep before I go, and there is so very little time.
Thank you!
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